Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well so much has happened in the 6 months since I last visited this blog and where do I start?I have had an addition to my family with another dog a rescued maltese cross dog called Murphy,he wants cuddles more than anything in the world but he regards himself as a quilt sitter rather like a cat.My friend Judy calls him the Quilt Police because whenever a quilt gets near him he has to investigate and then sit on it.
To summarise my life since June 2008 my holiday to the states was cancelled when my cousin's son died and they came home so I went to Adelaide for 4 weeks to stay with them.Then I was made redundant at work which has made me poorer but for the first time in my life I have time to sew and use my rather extensive stash.
My son Tim married his beautiful bride Tamara in November at St Brigid's Church in Marrickville and the reception was held at at the Royal Cruising Yacht Club,they delayed their honeymoon until Christmas Eve and they had Christmas in Paris and New Year in the Champagne region of France.They are now in the UK, a bit cooler than we are here in Bathurst.
In the meantime I have made them a quilt,worked on lots of other projects got all my UFO's out of storage and then decided to take on the Doubledelights mystery quilt from Bonnie which I am enjoying.
Trish is coming home this weekend and I looking forward to spending some quality time with her,all my visits to Sydney have been rather rushed but I am learning how to slow down and enjoy not working full time ,for the first time since I left school this is the longest time I have ever had without working,but no work no income and my money is about to run out.


Mr and Mrs Timothy and Tamara Colley