Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More quilting required

This are the shelves where I keep some of my quilts including unfinished quilt tops but I didn't realise how many UFO's I had so I guess my new resolution is to finish these quilts.

On these two shelves they are all unfinished,some of them for over ten years the top three are my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts from the last three years.

Macy and Murphy think they make any quilt look good and helped me to decide which ones to finish first! I might try and finish my 2001 year quilt, as my Mother was very ill I decided that 2001 was going to be a challenging year and a diary year quilt was the right thing to keep the diary.After the end of that year I coudn't do any more but I should try and quilt it when I have made the back which is going to be the diary printed out for each.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A busy winter

Today's weather is so perfect I have been working outside but to show I haven't been idle over the winter months here is some work I have completed/almost completed in the last few months.

This quilt is for Jayne and Tom I started it this time last year but is now completely finished with machine piecing and applique both hand and machine quilting.

This is my Roll,Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter which also was put on the back burner for most of the year .I am thrilled with it although sometimes when piecing I did lose my cool.As always Bonnie's designs are challenging but worth it.

This is for me!!! I purchased the embroideries from the shop that used to be at Kurrajong Rumplequiltskin I think it was called.I have a collection of blue and white china and I have been saving one piece of blank wall for these hangings.

These are some blocks that I have pieced this week and will quilt as you before joining the blocks together, I haven't done this method since I was at TAFE in the 1980's doing Creative Needlecraft.