Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scatterdays M

I missed the last two letters because I had visitors and the computer is in the spare bedroom and I was going to try and catch up but I didn't, however you had fun with the letters that Cinzia chose and there was some good posts.
This week the letter is M and the categories are  Sport,Foreign,Animal and modern quilt.

Sport --  M

I have chosen Motor Sport and because I live in Bathurst it is Mount Panorama

Foreign  -  M

I have chosen Museum not just any Museum but the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky and I have even got a photo of myself taken in August 2010 outside the Museum.


Animal  -  M

This one is very easy because I live with three dogs Macy, Murphy and Millie their photos are on the side of my blog but here's one in my sewing room during the last week when it was very cold in Bathurst.

Modern quilt - M

This is still a quilt top as it belongs on my big pile of unquilted tops but it is modern in that I used bright colours and white although the design is still traditional