Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today I had a big trip down memory lane or perhaps a wake up to reality I was reading the SMH and in Domain was a house for sale.Now just because it was listed at 6 million shouldn't have given me palpitations but it did for many,many reasons.I loved this house as a child for many reasons and today it bought it all home to me,not all the reasons were good but many were so I am going to share these with my friends.

I have a very deep and long love affair with Frangipani's and their fragrance and this is one memory this house can claim, in my childhood years (the 1950's) this tree was outside the kitchen window as I stood on a stool helping Auntie Dolly and Auntie Jess wash their dinner service.With hindsight and knowledge I shudder at this memory because it was a Clarice Cliff dinner service they were allowing a 4/5 year old wash up in a Belfast sink(deep and porcelain).

The very large bathroom almost to the left of the front door off the large hallway and both had black and white tiles ( I think marble) and was perfect for practicing my ballet on,the bedroom I used to sleep in was next door to that.

I know they were the safest and friendliest people in my life and no one on earth knows how often I escaped there away from from my parents disintegrating marriage and their frequent abuse(physical and verbal)of me, thank God they spared my younger sister and brother a fair bit probably because of their age.

Out the back of the house they had a huge bed of nastursiums where now the terrace stands but the view was the same and I have many happy memories of that.I was allowed as a big girl (probably only 6/7/8 years old) to ring and ask could I stay the night and then I would be allowed to walk to their house,not that far from our home.Oh boy I am drowning in memories tonight and the scary thing is those 2 women had more influence over my life than either of my parents. The last time I stayed there was in 1965 just before one of them died and I have racking my brain trying to remmber more about them.

Many nights in my dreams I go back to my happy days at this house and when I spotted it in the Domain today it has rekindled so many emotions I am almost swimming in them.
I hope this will get you the link to the house please look at all the details bu the front of the house has remained the same and that is all but memories are memories and you can't take that away from me just like I can't afford to buy this house or even dream about buying it.