Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For the last week I have been baby sitting my Grand-dog; Beau is a 10 week old pup that Tim and Tamara have adopted but because this overlapped with their new home he has had a week in cold old Bathurst!Macy,Murphy and Millie have slowly warmed to him over the last few days but they still might need some Prozac or something next week so they can calm down!!! Today I was working in the garage cleaning things out and he decided that Millie's little red bed would suit him fine, didn't matter that he was way too big he just folded up his legs,looked Millie in the eye and said get over it!!! I have renamd him bono becaue all I seem to say to him is BO-NO and usually he does stop whatever he is doing until tonight;he had got oout one of my Monet books from the bookcase and when I found him he was well into it, I just hope he learned how to paint(or garden) whilst chewing the book. Here is Beau in Millie's bed today with her looking a bit peeved!!