Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two cot quilts

I made this quilt for Keith and Elizabeth's daughter's baby.

With all the bad weather Bathurst has been having I have been busy making cot quilts.

This quilt is for my nephew Richard and his wife who are due to have their first child in October , below is a close up of the quilting

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alligator Creek

Harry a very colourful bird with very colourful language here is sitting on my hand having a morning chat.He is very polite and says thanks when given a treat to eat he just loves walnuts ,chestnuts and smakos!

This is Zeus the chihuahua who helped me get over missing my fur kids

Mother and daughter Lightning and Bolt

And for some reason I did not take a photo of Storm I will have to rectify that at Christmas time

Luke Anthony

  This is the latest photo of Luke taken last Sunday and below a photo of Tim taken at a similar age

My Blog and it's name

I have been way to busy doing not much during the last month but it is now time to get back into blogging and the Photo a Day Challenge I will restart on Friday 1 st July.

During the last month I went on a road trip with Tom and Jayne to Townsville and apart from the glorious warm weather we had a lovely time with Steven and Kayla and their menagerie.

Then two days after I arrived home my beloved Macy died aged fifteen and a half years , she was a Maltese/Poodle cross (Moodle) hence the name of the Blog .I have decided to continue with that name but I have to adjust my profile a bit.Murphy and Millie are having trouble adjusting to life without their Boss and there does not seem to be any one dominant dog anymore.

Macy 22/12/2000 -17/06/2016