Monday, October 22, 2012

Some finished Projects

 I have finished three smaller projects over the weekend

This a flannel quilt made from scraps and very practical on the cooler evenings when it's not cold enough for the heating to be turned on.

This wall hanging is a design by Leesa Chandler called Celtic Chrismas Knot.

This wall hanging is a design from Just Patchwork and I used some of my collection of aboriginal prints.

Monday, October 8, 2012

After my last post and my trip down memory lane I thought I would post this picture of my 6th birthday party at our flat in Neutral Bay and  even remember everyone's name so with me at the head of the table and from my left.

Niki Kartzoff
Judy Dulhunty ( lives in California somewhere!)
Wendy Jones ( a neighbourhood friend)
Helen Eager ( a family friend- her brother useed to be the weatherman on ABC TV)
Tamara Kartzoff and my sister Louise McDougall (the young ones at the end of the table)
Tony Pearson (he lived upstairs)
Vivien Larkin (lived next door)
Vivienne Arnott ( yes  from that family her grandfather was Arnott's biscuits! and the last time I saw her was my 21st birthday)
Trish Dulhunty (after whom my daughter was named!!!)
Yesterday I heard some sad news that plunged me into memories of my childhood, Nicholas "Niki" Kartzoff had passed away in May.His parents,and his Aunts and extended family and my family were good friends and I have many happy memories of our association.Every Christmas Eve we went to their place for a special tea for the children and then every Easter was special because Michael (Niki's father) was Russian and he (and then he tried teaching us as young children) would  paint  eggs(hard boiled).
All my life every Easter I remember Michael very clearly and the painted eggs and although I am addicted to chocolate I still remember those eggs that he painted.
Niki and his sister Tamara were a big part of my early life and my mother had a story which I will not reveal here (sorry but it's not good!!) but when their parents separated before mine our lives were separated also.
 I did however stay friends forever with Anne Maria who is their cousin and for many years in my childhood I had holidays with her,Kay and Jim to many places in NSW,QLD and Vic.
This photo was taken at Taronga Zoo in September 1951 and I have to thank my father as a photo jounalist and his documentation for the date and place.On the left is my mother and myself, then Rona Kartzoff and Michael  with Niki.
This next photo was taken at in December 1951 and is Michael and Niki Kartzoff and me , I think at Bradley's Head(a favourite picnic place!!!)
And then some years ago whilst my mother was still alive we connected with Tamara who had married a Bathurst man,Mum, my sister Louise and I met with her and chatted  but we have again lost touch and it was only by accident last night that I found out that Niki had died.It made me feel quite sad but I supppose as you get older that is normal.