Monday, January 24, 2011

Plans of mice and men!

Well they say the best laid plans of mice and men!!!
Since my last posting I have had a tumble in the courtyard,very simple one at that but in the process I have managed to break my left ankle in 3 places.
After spending a week in Bathurst Hospital I am now home with community services and in a wheel chair;totally reliant on friends visiting regularly to keep me from self pity/loathing/abuse etc. etc.

At present I am almost confined to bed but I am hoping to become more mobile as the pain subsides,I'm doing lots of reading and TV viewing which isn't really a pasttime of mine.
Macy and Murphy are at my side day and night but it's times like these that living alone does suck.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cot quilt

Michael and Emma's baby is due mid- April and when we were in the USA some fabric was purchased for a cot quilt which I will be starting this weekend. Here are some pictures of the fabrics. I will still have to buy a plain colour to blend this altogether.The photo doesn't do it justice as they are brighter than that,it's very dark here this morning if the sun puts in appearance I'll send another photo.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roll,Roll Cotton Boll

As I was going to be in Adelaide from mid-November until after Christmas keeping Jayne company whilst Tom went back to Dallas TX for another month I decided I'd do Bonnie K Hunter next mystery quilt called Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. As I have done two of her mysteries before but have used co-ordinated fabrics I am doing this one with scraps from my large stash.
I packed scrap fabric requirements as well as a car full of other stuff and set off with Macy and Murphy on the big road trip to Adelaide, fortunately Tom and Alan met me in Mildura and he drove Taffy (my car) the rest of the way.

As the mystery quilt unfolded I was able to keep up for the first 2 steps but then life and Christmas intervened and it was all packed away; however i did take a couple of photos of step one.