Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Little Rock to Paducah

We left Dallas on Friday afternoon and travelled to Little Rock, Arkansas, before we left town on the Saturday morning we visited the Bill Clinton Presidential Library which was very interesting althoug no mention was made of a certain intern or the blue dress!
Saturday we travelled to Memphis and spent the afternoon in Beale Street the home of Blues music.
Sunday morning a visit to Gracelands took up a good portion of the day,homage was made to the King and then we set off for Paducah Kentucky.

There are lots of photos in the slideshow and many more on the computer!!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fort Worth

Yesterday we went to Fort Worth Stockyards, here are some photos

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The weekend

We have been rather busy this weekend , on Saturday we went into Dallas to the Book Depository building and the other sites associated with the death of JFK on 22 nd November 1963; where were you that Day I know that I was living in Griffith at the time and I remember hearing the news on the radio and running out to tell my grandmother!
On Sunday we travelled out to just outside Murphy (and yes I took some photos of Murphy!)to visit the Southfork Ranch which was the home of the Ewing family of Dallas fame!Although I didn't watch the series I read about it so I could follow most of the characters.A hotel chain owns it now and it is a big function centre.
We also visited Macy's (so my dogs won't be jealous!!) and although I didn't spend any money Tom did and the lady gave me a couple of extra bags with Macy's name on them.What other dog do you know that has her name on her own bags!!!
Oh and by the way when we were in Dallas on Saturday we saw a very spoilt terrier dog being wheeled around in a stroller with a sunshade,so you people who think I spoil my dogs I haven't gone too far yet!!!
Here is smilebox with some photos for you to enjoy.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Shopping and a Casino

On Friday afternoon we travelled into Dallas to visit the Fry's Store; it sells electronic stuff and I could have spent a fortune if I had one!!!Just loved the longhorns that adorned the building inside and out!

Saturday we went interstate, Tom drove to Oklahoma over the Red River to the Casino which is built on Indian land and enjoys tax free status;the outside of the building has borrowed architecture form all points of the globe in the pictures below you will see Venice,Rome,China and Verona (Italy) amonst others.

These next two pictures are the only reference I could find to the people of the Chickasaw Nation on whose land this Casino was built

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Big Trip

We have worked out the itinerary for our holiday beginning on Friday 27th August when Tom picks up the Hire Car and off we go on our adventure.

Friday 27th Rockwall / Little Rock (Arkansas)
Sat28th Little Rock/Memphis (Tennessee)
Sunday 29th Memphis / Paducah ( Kentucky)
Monday 30th Paducah / Nashville (Tennessee) 3 nights
Thursday 2nd Sept. Nashville /Winston Salem
Friday 3 rd Sept, Winston Salem /Norfolk (Virginia)
Saturday 4th Sept. Norfolk / Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) 3 nights
Tuesday 7th Sept. Lancaster / Niagara Falls( Canada)2 nights
Thursday 9th Sept. Niagara Falls/ Cleveland (Ohio)
Friday 10th Sept. Cleveland/ Chicago (Illinois) 3 nights
Monday 13th Sept. Chicago/St Louis ( Missouri) 2 nights
Wednesday 15th Sept. St Louis/Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) 2 nights
Friday 17th Seept. Oklahoma City / Dallas
Monday 20th Sept. Dallas/ Los Angeles/Syndey/Bathurst

That has made me tired just typing it but I am so looking forward to it,Hancocks here I come and The Quilt Museum in Paducah and Lancaster County.Tom has booked a room with the Falls view in Niagara Falls so we can experience the Falls 24/7.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out and about in Dallas

On Saturday we went visiting to a friend of Tom and Jayne's the photo on the left shows Shadow and Lucy is on the right, a big bigger than my two dogs but just as friendly and loving.I just love the way Lucy is sitting she backs herself up to a chair and sits like that to watch the TV until a dog appears on TV and she goes up for a closer look.

On Sunday we went out to lunch with other friends to Smith's BBQ which specialise in BBQ beef ribs, a very American dish served with fried onion rings and salads.

On the way home Tom stopped so I could take these 2 photos of the Audie Murphy memorial.