Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some more quilts completed/nearly completed

This as you go quilt is a Christmas present for a family friend (male) I was very pleased with it as I haven't used this method since I was at TAFE in the early 80's.
The quilt was made entirely from my stash as I am trying to dwindle it down a bit.

I purchased this scrap bag of flannels from Keepsake Quilting in the USA and put it aside to make next year for myself but as it was so cold last week here it is finished and in use.It was lovely sitting under it whilst I tied it, the backing is polar fleece and without any batting.

This quilt replaces a very similar one I made about 12 years ago, that gets used every evening from May until September (usually);this year I'll probably be using it in December!

This is yet another quilt top made in the last couple of weeks, designed by Pam and Nicky Lintott in their book Jelly Roll Quilts.

This I spy quilt is for a little boy who will be turning 1 in April next year

I have made 2 new table runners for Christmas in the last couple of weeks, the star one for my dining table and the other for my table in the lounge room.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party

Yesterday my patchwork group travelled to The Blue Mountains ( 1 hour east of Bathurst) for our Christmas Party - High Tea at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba and just look at the food accompanied by Champagne and a pot of gourmet tea each


Mind you this was scheduled for 2.30PM and we left Bathurst at 8AM stopping at the Victory Theatre in Blackheath for breakfast.


Breakfast was followed by much shoppping at Blackheath,Leura and Katoomba

Christmas Decorations

Then around the television I have my collection of angels surrounding the nativity scene, so we don't forget the meaning of Christmas.Many of the angels were given to me in angel/mortal swaps with SCQuilters and as gifs from friends who know my love of angels.

Christmas Decorations

This is the first Christmas I have put up most of my decorations for 5 years, I do love Christmas and all the decor of Christmas.This some of my Santas that flood the house in December every year,some are nearly 40 years old.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More quilting required

This are the shelves where I keep some of my quilts including unfinished quilt tops but I didn't realise how many UFO's I had so I guess my new resolution is to finish these quilts.

On these two shelves they are all unfinished,some of them for over ten years the top three are my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts from the last three years.

Macy and Murphy think they make any quilt look good and helped me to decide which ones to finish first! I might try and finish my 2001 year quilt, as my Mother was very ill I decided that 2001 was going to be a challenging year and a diary year quilt was the right thing to keep the diary.After the end of that year I coudn't do any more but I should try and quilt it when I have made the back which is going to be the diary printed out for each.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A busy winter

Today's weather is so perfect I have been working outside but to show I haven't been idle over the winter months here is some work I have completed/almost completed in the last few months.

This quilt is for Jayne and Tom I started it this time last year but is now completely finished with machine piecing and applique both hand and machine quilting.

This is my Roll,Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter which also was put on the back burner for most of the year .I am thrilled with it although sometimes when piecing I did lose my cool.As always Bonnie's designs are challenging but worth it.

This is for me!!! I purchased the embroideries from the shop that used to be at Kurrajong Rumplequiltskin I think it was called.I have a collection of blue and white china and I have been saving one piece of blank wall for these hangings.

These are some blocks that I have pieced this week and will quilt as you before joining the blocks together, I haven't done this method since I was at TAFE in the 1980's doing Creative Needlecraft.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Whilst I have been laid up with my still sore leg I have been catching up with some sewing,I finished the baby quilt for Michael and Emma and I have been told she likes it.Good luck over the next few weeks Emma and Happy Birthday Michael next weekend.

This is a Bonnie Hunter design that I started years ago with a jelly roll and over the last few days have finished the top until I decide what borders to put on it.

Being Single

< I promised some friends I would post a copy of this catoon onto my blog;it has been on my desk for many years because ever since I have been single people have asked why don't I meet someone?Well this is the answer my working years revolved around Aged Care and community care and my hobby is quilting.
With apologies to the artist as I can't even remember the name of the cartoon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riley baby quilt

Today is the first time in nearly 6 weeks that I haven't taken any pain killers,although I have only been taking a couple of panadol for the last week I was starting to feel very addled and my concentration span was very limited.

Whilst I have been disabled I have made this quilt for Michael and Emma's baby due sometime in April ( my birthday would be a nice date Emma!).Today I pinned the layers together and I will probably not get to quilt it until next week.
After seeing Pennie's Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt on her blog I would like to get back to mine as I put it away when I was in Adelaide before Christmas.
This is the medicinal present sent to me by Scquilter Ramona from down Upwey way;I know she says up Upwey way but to us in Bathurst it's down.

These are the hearts sent to me by my internet friends from Scquilters and QDU; I am very humbled by how beautiful they are and the kind thoughts that have been attached to them.

Wendy Carter wanted to see a photo of my purple plaster, I had a choice of red,blue or purple and as I am older I thought about the wearing of purple.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Plans of mice and men!

Well they say the best laid plans of mice and men!!!
Since my last posting I have had a tumble in the courtyard,very simple one at that but in the process I have managed to break my left ankle in 3 places.
After spending a week in Bathurst Hospital I am now home with community services and in a wheel chair;totally reliant on friends visiting regularly to keep me from self pity/loathing/abuse etc. etc.

At present I am almost confined to bed but I am hoping to become more mobile as the pain subsides,I'm doing lots of reading and TV viewing which isn't really a pasttime of mine.
Macy and Murphy are at my side day and night but it's times like these that living alone does suck.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cot quilt

Michael and Emma's baby is due mid- April and when we were in the USA some fabric was purchased for a cot quilt which I will be starting this weekend. Here are some pictures of the fabrics. I will still have to buy a plain colour to blend this altogether.The photo doesn't do it justice as they are brighter than that,it's very dark here this morning if the sun puts in appearance I'll send another photo.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roll,Roll Cotton Boll

As I was going to be in Adelaide from mid-November until after Christmas keeping Jayne company whilst Tom went back to Dallas TX for another month I decided I'd do Bonnie K Hunter next mystery quilt called Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. As I have done two of her mysteries before but have used co-ordinated fabrics I am doing this one with scraps from my large stash.
I packed scrap fabric requirements as well as a car full of other stuff and set off with Macy and Murphy on the big road trip to Adelaide, fortunately Tom and Alan met me in Mildura and he drove Taffy (my car) the rest of the way.

As the mystery quilt unfolded I was able to keep up for the first 2 steps but then life and Christmas intervened and it was all packed away; however i did take a couple of photos of step one.