Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day 2010

Anzac Day was always special in my life, as a young child we always attended all the services in Sydney and watched the March without realising the significance of ANZAC!
My maternal Grandfather fought on the Western Front and as a result of a GSW (gun shot wound) to the (L) shoulder was a TPI.

This is a photo of a very young James Oswald Doyle in uniform

Here is a photo of the Leeton boys in Cootamundra Military Camp before they left for the Fighting in Europe
My Grandfather James Oswald Doyle is on the right side standing.

Both my parents served in the Australian Army, my father was wounded in Tobruk within 12 months of landing and was a a TPI.Mum was in the army for 3 years from 30/031943 until 4/04/1946 just 4 weeks before their wedding.

My mother
Sheila Maura Doyle 22/04/1923 - 16/03/2001

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Update

I really can't believe so much has happened since my last posting almost 23 months ago; first my beloved Uncle Ernie died in November 2009 and I had a very sad trip over to Wagga Wagga for his funeral.Aunty Kath is managing very well without him and I am very proud of her.

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday and I have Aunty Kath and Uncle George (both my Mother's siblings) still going strong to support me in life.How lucky is that!!Aunty Kath is my mother's younger sister and Uncle George is the oldest and most beloved sibling of the family.I still remember singing Georgey Porgy pudding and pie and then running for my life (which I could do in those days )years back in the mid 50's I suppose.

I am on the committee for the Scquilters retreat for 2010 which is being held in Bathurst on May 7,8,9th 2010 at the Goldfields Function Centre.
I have many reservations about many things but I am biting my tongue quite severely today.

I am very proud to belong to Scquilters and I must tell you that the friendships I have made in this online/but in person group have made so much difference to my life,some people I have met and some I haven't but they are my family believe you me.