Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have been trying to upload some photos using flicka without success and the only thing I have done is waste good sewing time.I spent yesterday in the garden trying to tidy it up a bit.I am going to Wagga Wagga next weekend to visit my elderly Aunt and Uncle before I go on holidays next month.
This week I will be working in Orange at least one day I hope ; so I will be able to take my quilt up to Belinda Betts to have it quilted,she really is the best!I will be pleased to have it out of the house for a while.I have uploaded a 'bad' photo of it . it has been difficult to photograph because it is too big for my small house and yard I then took it to work and got some help in holding it up and they stood on tables which is very unsafe and anti OH&S.
The back is also peiced using photos of the bride and groom as children and then together and I will applique some wedding photos onto the back obviously next year after the wedding,any that's the plan.
Jayne has arrived safe and sound in Dallas for a reunion with her husband I can't wait until I get there in 6 weeks,I've started to look at sites for all the places we'll be visiting.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I just love a long weekend ,so nice to have time away from work.I played yesterday did a small split nine patch quilt,it's so simple and quick,will probably make one next time I have to make a present in a hurry.
Today I am trying to finish 3 assignments in Mental Health ,I do not like the subject and I do more procrastinating than normal.One is done, another is half done and the third one has to be completely redone and it's bogging me down but I have told myself no more sewing until these are done!
I'm a task master on myself but I have to be,then I can get back to the landscape I started at Pam Holland's workshop.
Only 7 weeks until my big holiday in the USA so I want to have all current projects finished the week before because when I get home it will only be 7 weeks until the Car race invasion and then another 6 weeks until my son Tim's wedding to Tamara in Sydney .I think I need to win the lottery so I can retire and give myself some decent sewing time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well I have bitten the bullet and started a blog,I was never going to but the best laid plans of mice and men!!!!!
I would like to thank Lissa Morrow who has encouraged me to attempt this and for her friendship over the years since we met at the SCQuilters retreat in Melbourne in 2003.
I have just finished piecing a large queen size quilt for my cousin's son who is getting married in Adelaide next February just 6 weeks before the SCQuilters retreat,shame I can't combine 2 visits but neither committeee would change dates!!!
I am going on the trip of a lifetime at the end of July to the USA and I will be visiting Paducah and Lancaster County which I am telling everyone is quilters heaven.Also a few other places of note such as Niagara Falls,Memphis,Nashville,St Louis and Chicago.I am starting to get excited already.
My next patchwork project will be to finish my applique from a Pam Holland workshop I attended in Canberra in March,I can recommend her workshops to everyone I just learned so much.