Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One finished and another half done

This is the memory quilt I made for Tom's 60th birthday, he was very pleased with it and told all the guests at his party to go and have a look at it.
The funny thing was I had made Jayne one a few years ago and last Thursday (his birthday) I hung this quilt where Jayne's used to hang and when he came home from work he walked straight past it.

This is a quilt  made but not designed by me, I just love the modern bright fabrics with the white on white print.
I have had a week away in Adelaide to help Jayne prepare for Tom's birthday and spend time with family including my daughter Trish who flew down just for the weekend.It was very nice to catch up with everyone.
Tom and Jayne have two sons one in the Royal Australian Navy and the other in the Royal Australian  Army and between them and their late older brother there is 8 Grandchildren who were all present last Saturday.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Scatterdays   T

This weeks Scatterdays is bought to you by the letter T and the catagories are tasty,tiny,terrifying and threads


Yesterday I had a tabbouleh and ham sandwich  for lunch; it was very tasty!


I have  a large collection of teapots gathered over many years and this tiny pottery one was given to me about 20 years ago by my sister Louise.The lid is removeable and I suppose in theory you could have some tea in it but it hardly be a cuppa would it?


This tapestry was one my mother started and I had a friend finish it for her before she died. Mum loved Sturt Desert Peas because her mother used to grow them under the tank stand when she was a child.


 I refuse to have a photo of my worst nightmare on my blog so courtesy of Wikipaedia I will decribe it ( I have seen many though as they thrive in this area in and out of town).
Tiger Snake a large venonmous snake that has coloured bands (hence it's name) and can be fatal to humans.They don't mind the cool weather and are active on warmer nights ,are frequently around rivers and water. When threatened, they will flatten their bodies and raise their heads above the ground in a classic prestrike stance. The female gives birth to12 to 40 live young ,no wonder there are so many around.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Scatterday Q

Todays Scatterdays is brought to you by the letter Q  and has four catagories


Quercus Robur or English Oak Tree, as a child we had one growing in the back yard in Neutral Bay ; it was grown from an acorn from a special tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (planted in 1935 on the 21st anniversary of the Battle of Mons).I have searched through old photos and I found this one of me on my third birthday playing under the tree as I did for most of childhood.

Night time

This is my favourite television viewing each night - QI and I assume that the ABC will soon change that frequency now that the non-ratings period is about to end.



Something healthy

I only started using Quinoa this year but I do like salad made with it.


Something that is quilty and quick

I love my accuquit and it's the quickest and most accurate way to cut two and a half inch strips,squares and half square triangles.



Scatterdays R

Blogger and I had an disagreement this morning so I am re-posting the last Scatterday

Today's scatterday is brought to you by the letter R and has four catagories


This is my nephew's rabbit and his name is Pedro


  These remote controls sit on the table beside my chair in the lounge room.




Two RED vehicles at the Visitors Centre in Bathurst aCobb&Co Coach and a Brush Car which is very red and flashy.

Something red from your sewing room

Bernina is written in red three times on my sewing machine but I also have this sign on the wall above me just to remind me.
Unfortunately I had ten comments but they have been deleted , I am having lots of trouble uploading photos to my blog and I don't like Picasa at all.I can't see why I just can't upload from the computer like I have always done!