Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riley baby quilt

Today is the first time in nearly 6 weeks that I haven't taken any pain killers,although I have only been taking a couple of panadol for the last week I was starting to feel very addled and my concentration span was very limited.

Whilst I have been disabled I have made this quilt for Michael and Emma's baby due sometime in April ( my birthday would be a nice date Emma!).Today I pinned the layers together and I will probably not get to quilt it until next week.
After seeing Pennie's Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt on her blog I would like to get back to mine as I put it away when I was in Adelaide before Christmas.
This is the medicinal present sent to me by Scquilter Ramona from down Upwey way;I know she says up Upwey way but to us in Bathurst it's down.

These are the hearts sent to me by my internet friends from Scquilters and QDU; I am very humbled by how beautiful they are and the kind thoughts that have been attached to them.

Wendy Carter wanted to see a photo of my purple plaster, I had a choice of red,blue or purple and as I am older I thought about the wearing of purple.