Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another purchase to show off

Whilst in Lancaster County I bought a small (about one metre square)Amish Quilt which is hand quilted and shows off some of their skills. I managed to hang it yesterday in the lounge room.

Back quilting

After my long holiday where I only did some hand sewing I have made a lap quilt over the last week.It is for a friend who warned Tom about the hazards of taking two 'witches' to Salem by car.There was lots of Halloween fabric in the shops in the US so it wasn't hard to find some witch fabric.I started it last Wednesday and finished it in time to post it to Adelaide on Monday;I was quite chuffed at the witches hats and brooms that I quilted free motion.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Water, water everywhere!

This was the scene outside my side fence last night, the main burst and the hole just got bigger and bigger,Bathurst Council were quick onto the scene considering it was after hours.One worker told me he just had time to get home and make a cuppa when the call out happened.No water from then until about 9.15 PM put a dampener on my dinner preparations so I called Yum Car which is a service that delivers food from various restaurants/pubs and takeaways and within half an hour I had a delicious Lambs Fry.
The Council are back this morning doing road maintainance so poor little Lord Street is again blocked off and my 2 'angels' are again barking furiously at the strange men sitting outside the side gate having a leisurely morning smoko!

Shopping in USA

My Friend Lissa wanted to see how much fabric I bought when I was in the States recently and last week when I was putting it away I thought I had better take a photo to show her.I bought some civil war repros. and some Kaffe Fassett at Hancocks but it is a bit bewildering there because thre is just so much fabric to choose from.I bought lots of fat quarter packs in Lancaster County and the majority of them were from an Amish shop and were $14.95 for a pack of 8 fat 1/4's(Moda fabric).
I also bought a set of Tsukineko inks that iwas introduced to at a Pam Holland workshop in Canberra 2 years ago.